Who is this mysterious, enigmatic Brew Thinker?


Truthfully, the name is just a silly title I concocted because it made a convenient and available domain name. I’m not a prophet nor a visionary, and certainly not involved in the brewing industry in any professional capacity. I have never owned a brewery, worked for a brewery or held any position in alcohol retail, representation, distribution or the service industry. The closest I’ve come is some rather mediocre homebrewing.

What I am is a consumer and, through that, a critic. In the romance of the modern craft beer movement, the consumer is often forgotten or at best shortchanged as everyone wants local and small-scale brewing efforts to thrive, thus criticism is rare and often discouraged. However, craft beer is a consumer-driven industry, and public feedback and honest critique is necessary for it to grow and mature beyond a novelty market. People are spending well-earned money to support these breweries, companies and organizations, and sometimes that money needs a voice.


This is my drinking cap.

Viewed as shiftless and often berated for their contributions, for me critic is not the same as detractor. The goal of criticism is sincere evaluation, not emotional tagging or hateful defamation for entertainment or popularity. I am a BJCP Certified Beer Judge and have participated in evaluating homebrew competitions for many years. I have maintained a critical voice on the local beer scene as the Dallas Craft Beer Examiner since 2009 (longer than anyone else) and have co-authored two published books on the Texas brewing industry as well as content for a few periodicals. Although many have disagreed with me at times, nothing is ever intended as mean-spirited or malicious — I am simply writing from an honest, analytical perspective.



All content, text and graphics, found within is my original work, so I’ll go ahead and
slap a global Copyright © 2015 right here. All rights reserved.

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